Press Ups


classic press up

The humble press-up. Used by militaries all over the world to get their soldiers in fighting condition and secondary school P.E. teachers to get children fit. The press-up is the ultimate bodyweight exercise. It requires no special equipment and can be done anywhere, anytime. The press-up often gets overlooked because many men find it too simple or too boring to perform and many women find it too difficult to begin with, by changing your hand and feet positions and adding in a few twists, the press-up becomes a versatile muscle builder and toner that you will leave you wondering how you did without it.

Hands elevated press up
If you struggle to perform a standard pres-up and knee press-ups are too easy, try this one as a trade off between the two. Elevating your hands makes the push-up easier. Place your hands on an elevated surface like a park bench or even a counter top. Place feet on the ground. Perform press-up.

Standard press up.
It’s the one you’ve been doing since your days at secondary school. The standard press-up works your chest and shoulder muscles. Lie down on the floor face down with your feet close together. Place your hands shoulder width apart. While maintaining a straight body, lower yourself down until your chest touches the ground. Push yourself up. That’s one rep. Once you mastered this technique it’s time to expand your press up repertoire.

The perfect press up

Wide grip press up
The wide grip press-up puts more emphasis on your chest. Place your hands wider than shoulder width apart and perform a press-up.

Diamond press up
The diamond press-up is a triceps killer. Place your hands together so they form a diamond shape between your touching thumbs and index fingers. You can either put your hands underneath your chest or your head to hit different muscles. Once your hands are in place, perform a press-up. These are hard!

Feet elevated press up
Elevating your feet from the ground will work your shoulders more when you perform a press-up. Put your feet on an elevated surface. A bed or a park bench works well. Place your hands on the ground. Perform a press-up.

There are lots of other techniques such as the tiger press up and the hindu technique but to be quite honest if the press ups described above become too easy you should be getting down to the gym more.